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What are blogs?

A blog is a regularly updated website containing regular postings by the author. Links to and from other blogs and websites are very common. A blog tends to be focussed on a single topic and usually invites comments and feedback from its readers. A blog is usually written by the author and therefore reflects their personality and writting style.

So a blog is just a personal diary published online?

That is one type of blog. As well there are many types of business and professional blogs. The personal blog was once main form of bloggin, but that has changed as businesses and professionals have realized the value of blogging.

What types of blogs are there?

Blogs can come in many forms. They can be hosted on the authors personal web server, the can be hosted on a dedicated server, or they can be hosted on another blog site. Blogs can also audio, video, etc. rather than type written. There are blogs for every type of business, profession, etc.

What’s the benefit of a blog to a business?

A blog is great for communicating between the business and its customers. Communication builds levels of trust that go far into the areas of marketing and public relations. The blog puts a human face on the company and helps to build trust. People are far more likely to purchase products and services from other people they know and trust than from a corporate identity. A blog is also a very powerful tool for improving search engine rankings because of the keyword rich content that is continually being updated.

How do I start a blog for free

There are a number of free blog web hosting companies. The best known free blogging service is There are also many other free blogging web hosts as well, including and As with all free blog web hosts, there are limits on the services and features provided, so be careful to examine them before joining.

Can I host a blog on my own web hosting plan?

Yes you can, actually its very common. You simply need to purchase a web hosting package from a web hosting company and put your site online.

Can a blog be listed in free Internet directories?

There are many free Internet directories that are open to bloggers. Many blog specific directories even provide link popularity value and Google PageRank transfer, and they also often supply you with traffic to your blog. Additionally, because a blog is simply another type of website, blogs are accepted in the almost every internet directory.